Today we’re at Stanford’s Eye Institute checking for tumors in Amy’s eyes.

First she had a regular eye exam, looking to see if she had any common issues, like needing glasses, lazy eye, or any structural issues. (Nope) Then she checked her for any lich nodules (common with NF) and to make sure the pressure in her eyes wasn’t too high. (All fine!) 

Then we had the not so fun part. She got numbing drops in both eyes, and then the dilation drops. Apparently the medicine that dilates the eyes stings, that’s why they use the numbing drops. NOT FUN. There was fighting, but we got them in. 

20 minutes later we went back again, and after a fairly quick exam, pronounced her clear. No tumors. Woot! Apparently at this young of an age, they are at a much higher risk. So she wants us to come back and see the ophthalmologist that specializes in NF in 4 months. (September 26th) After we see her, we’ll continue seeing that doctor every 6 months to one year. 

She got super cool classes to take home. Her eyes should be normal again in a max of 24 hours. 

Still waiting on Charlie, and stupid insurance . *sigh*. Anyway, time to start the trek home. ?? 

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