Last night was spaghetti night, so afterwards Amy had her bath as usual. Except I must not have checked to make sue that the seal was completely airtight. Because when she came out of the bath, her foot was wet. Great.

I looked it up online, and the consensus is, the cast needs to be replaced, but isn’t an emergency, and it’s still hard and doing it’s job. But there is a concern about the skin being wet for days/weeks or fungus growing. Not an emergency. Cool. I’ll call in the morning and tell them how stupid I am, and then we’ll get it replaced.

WORST NIGHT EVER. She kept waking, crying, saying she was cold, wanting more blanket, wanting to cuddle, and I’m thinking, what is this girl’s DEAL? I feel like a zombie.

This morning I see why. The wetness has traveled the length of her leg. Her thigh, her toes, and I assume all in between is freezing cold, and sopping wet.


She’s eating breakfast now, and I’m very patiently waiting for the clock to tick to 7:15, so I can take the big kids to school, then head to Sacramento.



After we removed her cast, her poor little leg was soaking wet, and super pruney. The doctor said if we added another cast, that we might cause a breakdown of the skin. That would be awful. So we decided to go home without a cast or brace, and will return the next day at 8am to get a new cast.

Once we got home, I realized she couldn’t bear any weight on her leg. She was trying, but would cry out in pain or it would collapse under her. After freaking out and convincing myself she had fractured, the members of my Facebook support group, as well as a nurse from our hospital said it was normal after being casted the last 3 weeks.

I feel better, but now here we are getting ready for bed, and she’s still not weight bearing. I think I’ll feel better tomorrow when she’s casted and walking again.  In the meantime, she may be little, but she be FIERCE!

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