6 months Post-op 
McFarland Bypass (done 2/21/2018)

Looks much the same, nice and straight though! If you look closely, you can see the graft is much less defined, so that is positive!

I was a little disappointed to see this x-ray. I was hoping for something far more dramatic, but I see very little difference between this and June’s x-rays. The bridge between the tibia and the fibula is much more prominent, so that is good! The graft is also far less defined at the top and bottom, so that too is good. Also at the top and bottom of the “keyhole” you see more bone formation, so that too is positive. I look forward to her actual appointment next month, so we can discuss her progress with her doctor.

But for now, in my laymen’s opinion, there is definitely an absence of bad, as well as a few positive points – so that is good. I’m holding out hope that someday we’ll have side-by-side union. In the meantime, incremental progress is still progress in the right direction. We just have to be patient, and let her special leg heal at its own pace. 

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