I think I can finally say… SUCCESS!!!

It’s been a bit of a road with this now FOURTH incarnation of this brace, her first with a hinge.

I got a call from Hanger, asking if we could move her appointment to 9/4, so the Regional Manager could join us for our appointment to get Amy squared away. Although I had written him on the advice of a friend (and former patient of his who also has a CPT child) I never thought he’d say yes! Very impressive!

Working together, Cammie and the manager (Spenser) tried her new brace on and set to adjusting it.

Spenser and Cammie headed off to do the usual adjustments- foot plate and flaring the top. Then we hit the floor to give it a shot!

She was till rotating, so we trimmed and flared the top more and gave it another try.

Back in the room, Spenser had her stand on both her feet without her brace. That scared her a little, because her muscle is so atrophied it can’t hold her weight. But after I promised to hold her hands she agreed to try. That’s when we saw for the first time that her foot naturally externally rotates a little. How did we not realize that?

Here’s a question, is it a habit? Or structure? Hmmmmmmm.

So we suited back up and took another walk, asking her not to pointer her foot out.

After one last flare, we were all pretty sure we had it down.

We’re all pretty sure this is the one that will do it! After a through exam of her skin showing hardly any redness, we agreed to come back in 2 weeks. I’m hopeful that we won’t need more than that! ??

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