Guess who got a new brace today? (Brace #6!)

This one is kinda back to the old design. It’s (finally!) tall enough, and the front piece is riveted on, so it can’t be misplaced. That’s kinda cool! Fitting it was ROUGH. Amy was super non-cooperative, kicking all over, complaining “IT’S. TOO. TIGHT!!!” We got to the bottom of her complaint, which seems to be rubbing on the inside of her knee. After three trimmings she seemed to be satisfied. She is still slightly complaining, but that’s pretty par for the course when it comes to Amy.

As you know, I asked Amy’s Dad to come with us to this appointment.  Phil, our orthotist, is frustrating me so much, and I was really hoping for an apology – and I don’t want to ask for one.  If I have to ask, the apology is hollow.  Plus, I’m intimidated by him.  I feel like he just wants me to accept his work, and that my objections are baseless and picky.  I get this vibe off him like he’s exasperated with me, and he doesn’t listen to me at all.  So, I asked her daddy to come.  That way if anything went wrong, he could handle things.  I can’t tell you how frustrating it is for me to feel like I’m not capable of insuring Amy will get the care that she needs.

I didn’t get the apology I was looking for.  It’s so weird, her appointment went totally fine.  He was pretty patient, and listened well to everything we requested, as far as adjustments.  He was like a completely different person. Have I misjudged him?  Was he maybe just having a really bad day?

In the end, I’m happy, she’s happy, and she’s protected! Now we just have to hold our breaths and wait to see what the doctor says about surgery. Eek!

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