I don’t know what to do…

Background: After Amy’s fall last month, she was unable to walk. ER doc said it was fractured. Her doc says it’s not. 4 days later, she still wasn’t weight baring. To give her support, she was casted for 4 weeks.

Amy’s cast is supposed to come off this coming Monday. But her appointment isn’t actually until next week, because her doc is on vacation all week.

Do we:
A) insist the cast be removed? Then I can spend a week with her, helping her to walk, without sending her to daycare. (I have next week off work too.)

B) wait an extra week, and rely on others at daycare to help her transition back to the brace during work hours?

They don’t want to give me an appointment for removal- I’m trying to advocate, but not be too pushy. They refuse to remove it without her doctor present.

I hate this.

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