So, I’m semi-sitting here in shock. We sat down to do Amy’s treatment, and what do I get???

This screen. ?

Apparently Exogen is only FDA approved (and tested) for 180 days of treatments. Also, if you don’t use those 180 days, after 270 days, you get this screen too. So, it’s like dead. Garbage. I was not expecting this.



I sent an email to her doctor, asking what to do, but it’s Friday.

In 180 days, I’ve never missed a single treatment. I can’t believe we can’t use it any more. Is it even going to continue to heal? Would it be safe to get another one and continue treatment?

Geez… a warning would have been nice. ??

Hopefully we’ll have an answer on Monday.

DAMN IT!!! It was all going so well!!! ?


Update: 3/29/19

After a little bit of googling, we found that this is a fairly common thing, and I reached out to customer service.  In fact, in the “troubleshooting” part of the manual this screen prompts you to call. I spoke with the representative, and she verified some information off the device. Next, she prompted us to get an updated prescription from her doctor.  The next day I called back, and after verifying the prescription had been received (by fax) she had us seal the device in the provided bag, and ship it off.  The next day, we had tracking info for a brand new device, charger, bottle of gel, strap, and carrying case.  Treatment now continues- very impressed with their customer service!

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