It’s not that I mind being accidentally kicked with it.

I don’t mind being stepped on with her plaster foot.

Although I am a little grumpy about her sanding away at my wood chairs. That kinda sucks.

She is walking better, so that’s positive!

But the way she drags her foot, that really bothers me. She can walk now. Really quite well. But she’s walking on her toes, which, hey! If it works, do it! But often she drags it. So her shoe? It catches, and SPLAT, she’s on the ground. (Remember, don’t engage in activities where she’s likely to fall.). Okay, so no shoe.

But if she walks outside, now she’s dragging her toe across concrete, or asphalt. Poor toes. 🙁

This is extremely frustrating. I put a call into the nurse to see what we can do. We’ll see what she says.

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