4 months 4 weeks 3 days Post-op 
McFarland Bypass (done 2/21/2018)

Couple things to take note of: 
1st, up at the top the graft used to stick out a lot more. Now it’s not. It’s HEALING!!! 


2nd- the split in the graft is filling in!

3rd- Damn me if that doesn’t look nice and STRAIGHT! ???

The thing that I was most excited about was how obviously well incorporated the graft has remodeled at the top! There is also a lot of remodeling on one side of the bottom, because that’s where most of the pressure is. The white line you see at the bottom there is calcification where her bone was cut to allow the graft to slide in. While there isn’t as much remodeling there, there’s not much of a concern. 

Then he measured the angle of her bow. 


The angle in October (before surgery) was 24*. Today, ONLY 16*!!! It has straightened! A LOT!!! ??????? IT’S STARTING TO WORK!!!

Anyways, SUPER exciting! We’ve been cleared to go more than 2 months without visits. Next post-op is in 10 weeks, on 8/20.

He is very pleased with her progress!

A quick snapshot of the story so far…

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