I have so much to say about Billy Footwear, it really deserves its own page!
(First, a link to actually buy shoes: Buy Billy Shoes)

So, here’s the deal.  This pic went viral on social media, more than once.  Wouldn’t you know, I was tagged in it  more than 20 times on Facebook, because EVERYONE loves Amy,
and knows my pain with shoes!

So, the very next time we needed shoes, we bought a pair, with disappointing results.
(To read the full review, click here.)

Unsurprisingly, the next time we needed shoes, again she begged for Billy Shoes. Not wanting a repeat, I decided to so a little legwork beforehand.

First, I found this little snippet on their FAQ page:

NOVEMBER 2020?!? Eeeep! Sign me up!!!

Next, I discovered that there is a really great sizing chart located here:

Also, here is a good video on how to measure for size:


So, here’s the TLDR version:
These shoes do not work for Amy, but others with “less chunky” braces have had great success. Check out the video and sizing charts, and hopefully they will work for you.  If not, then HOPEFULLY in November of 2020 Amy (and maybe your kiddo) will finally have a chance for
their very own “Zipper shoes”.

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