So, I’m on Facebook doing me thing, and then up pops a member of our community, saying, “HEY! I ran across Amy’s video on YouTube, very cute.” Wait, really?  Like… in the wild? I thought that was pretty cool!  So I decided to google without the benefit of cookies (Incognito mode) to see what popped up.

I DID find Amy’s video, not too terribly far down, but more importantly, I found this great video!

McFarland Bypass Presentation

The speaker is Dr. Lori Karol, and it caught my attention because this is who Dr. Frick is speaking to about Amy. The video was made last December (2018) and I watched it out of curiosity. It was really no new information, until I got to the part about bone grafts. Wait… bone grafts? In a McFarland? Amy didn’t have one in her McFarland.  Since when does anyone do that? I’m sure that wasn’t mentioned in the McFarland paper.  Was it? I pulled up the paper and read it again.  Guess what?

Yup.  right there in black and white. Every single patient had a bone graft. Every. Single. One. The one other kid that I know of who had the McFarland?  He is doing so much better than Amy. Bones are almost 100% incorporated, he is almost out of a brace. I asked his mom. Guess what? Bone graft. My heart sunk a little, why wasn’t this done for Amy? Was it an oversight? Was it done on purpose for a reason that I’m just unaware of? Was is an attempt to be less invasive? Is this why we’re having all these struggles now with her leg?

I’ll be you a good six figures that this is why her bones haven’t incorporated! How could I have missed this? I would have ASKED! 🙁

Here’s the really BIG question, is it too late? Can we do it now???

I’m supposed to wait two more days before I contact Dr. Frick.  Lord, I am not going to make it.

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