Thursday took FOREVER to get here! January means rising before dawn. I asked Alexa how long it would take to get there. She reported back that “With current traffic, it would take 47 minutes to reach Hangar Clinic in Modesto.” I thanked her, because I see her as kinda a person, and it never hurts to be polite. Her reply really surprised me though. “No problem! By the way, it looks like rain. Stay dry out there.”

What? Rain? I looked out the window into the dark, and I saw, well, dark. I opened the window, and heard the unmistakeable sound of a good, hard, rain.


We struggled to leave with enough fudge room to make it in time. Amy went with me, while her siblings went with her Dad to school. On the way there, we passed two accidents, and loads of traffic. I was SO sorry we were late- but Cammie didn’t care. She just took us right back.

Now, I’ll be super honest. I couldn’t put that brace on AT ALL. Yesterday, I couldn’t put the back part of the brace on either, so she didn’t go to school, though I had let her go on Tuesday. I didn’t think there was much chance of fixing it, but Dr. Frick seemed to think it wouldn’t be a big deal. I held my breath while I waited for Cammie’s assessment. New brace? Just an adjustment?

She seemed confident that she could fix it! So we settled in to wait.

After she came back, it wasn’t quite right. She checked the fit again, then pulled her sock off to check again for redness.

She went back one more time to make a couple more tweeks to the front shell, and widened out the back shell a bit more too. She also removed that blue pad she had originally put in there.

And then?

Success! It went on her leg, and Amy said it was comfortable!

I admit it, I wasn’t sure this brace would work, and I was super wrong. We tried to get her to stand, but Amy was NOT having it. That’s okay though. We’ll let her gain her feet in her own time. When she is ready, she will start to stand, and then walk. ?

In the meantime?

How stinkin’ cute is she with her little “humbrella”??? ?

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