Spoilers: Puppy wins. ?

So, last night our new puppy didn’t have the latch engaged on his crate. So he got out and thought Amy’s brace smelled good enough to eat. ?

Luckily, he only went for the padding, and left the plastic alone. But this missing spot in the padding is super uncomfortable. I immediately ran to the CPT Facebook group, because (to make everything worse) we’re leaving the country for vacation TOMORROW. I have a thousand things to do, but nothing is more important than this.

I got a response in minutes, telling me to try spongy waterproof tape. A quick google search turned up this:

and she confirmed that that was the stuff. ?? I was leaving the house 5 minutes later.

I got the extra wide one (1.5in) and it set me back about $8.

It was super thin, so Amy’s dad layered about 5 strips one on top of the other. Then he trimmed the extra away so the hole was filled in.

It’s not the prettiest fix, but Amy says it’s comfortable. Monday morning (or after school if she’s still comfortable) we’ll send Amy to Hanger with her grandpa, and I’m sure they will have a much better fix. But for today? She’s off and running, comfortable. I am so relieved!

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