Well… here we are, again. Yesterday was our standing appointment we had with Chuck (Actually Spenser) But we were supposed to see someone completely different. (Miriam?) But apparently, they cancelled out appointment. They said they called and left a message, but they didn’t. Someone else was given out appointment. Why? No idea. So, we were turned away and given an appointment the following week. I was very unhappy.

Compounding this, I had just spoken to Spenser a few days before, and he told me that we were going to see this new person, at my appointment time. I asked if we could just remake it since she had a HUGE gap on the bow side of her leg, and the face that she had so little contact was freaking me out.


He said that while it wasn’t ideal, it wasn’t dangerous, and he wanted to try one more adjustment, and add padding, before remaking. *sigh* Mama is not happy.

Later that day, I got a call. They had just had a cancellation, and did I want to come in the next morning? YES.

So we went in today and met the new person. (Miriam? Why can’t I remember?) during our short appointment, she told me that yesterday had been her first day 3 times. This does not inspire confidence.

I told her I wanted to remake the brace. She wanted to try padding. I had already agreed to Spenser’s plan, but I had brought her old brace along, and was ready to determine it a failure, and ask for a new one. So I agreed to try padding. So, she did, and guess what?


There’s still a huge GAP. So I asked her to please have it remade. She said she couldn’t, and I’d have to make an appointment to see Spenser in Modesto.

Mama is getting frustrated. It’s one thing to make many attempts in good faith in a brace. (The last one was 10, remember?) It’s another to feel like I’m being blown off. I didn’t know what else to do. So Amy walked her path in the hall, declared she was comfortable, and we left.

I called Modesto from the parking lot, they said they would get back to me after delivering Spenser a message. Not happy. Not. At. All. At least she’s comfortable though, right?

Update: 8/21/20

Finally heard back from Spenser. He’s leaving town, and wants us to continue to be seen in Stockton by (Miriam?) The offered me an appointment today at 10, but since she isn’t in any pain, and they have an appointment on Tuesday afternoon, we’ll wait so she doesn’t have to miss school. He wants us to try more padding because he feels  like “we’re really close” with this brace, and that if I’m not satisfied at the end of the appointment, they will re-mold her. I’ve been asked to bring her old brace, so we can order EXACTLY what she needs. What a PAIN.

Update: 8/25/20

We were seen this afternoon. MIRIAM (yay! I remembered her name!) said that we tried, and it was time to just re-do the brace. They already have the mold, so now we just spent a lot of time talking about features.

New brace expected 9/22/20!

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