Amy is having a rough time. A picture is worth 1,000 words, so let’s just see it.


Big on the ouch. So, Amy hasn’t been wearing her brace much. Lots of hopping, resting, crawling, and knee-walking here. We had an appointment for yesterday, September 10th to get an adjustment since we had a few weeks before her new #12 was due in.

Yesterday I got a call from Hanger, and GUESS WHAT? The wanted to reschedule our appointment for today, because (ta DA!) her brace was due to arrive! Champagne fell from the heavens and we celebrated our good fortune by rescheduling.

Today, we arrived, and put on the new brace, which was made from EXACTLY the same mold as the last one. Guess what?




The minute she put it on, tears sprung to her eyes, her leg bulged painfully out, and she cried because it was pinching her.

I told her it was too small.

She insisted it was the same size, and suggested that Amy had grown.


I considered trying to explain that her growth wasn’t a factor because the old brace still fit… but decided to try visuals instead. I picked up the two boots. One was more narrow than the other. I could see it, she could not. So I took the old boot, and tried to put it in the new brace. You’ll never guess what: IT DIDN’T FIT! (Cue dramatic music)

Both of us were pretty stumped as to how the mold could yield two different sizes. I was so disappointed. But then Miriam realized that Amy’s old brace was completely fine. Only the anterior shell was an issue. So, she took the shell from the new brace, and put it on the old one.

Is that a little big?

The new shell didn’t line up perfectly, but it was very close. Also it was way too big. So after some measurements (and playing a lot of Pokèmon Go,)

Pikachu! I choose you!

She returned.

The shell went on. It fit! Amy went right away to try it out.

No problem, right? Then, I looked closer. Guess what?

Damn it. ?

She didn’t have any more time to mess with her brace, but it WAS much better. So we accepted it, made an appointment for next week, and headed home

I’m so tired of this.

So, so tired.

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