I just realized that this one brace has caused almost as many posts as braces. *sigh*

So, here we are, back at Hanger. I think we need more brains in on this one. I decided to compare Amy’s old brace and her new brace side-by-side. I noticed that her new brace doesn’t really curve around the same way that her old braces have. See?

Maybe I’m seeing things, but I think I see a difference!

Anyways, Hanger. So we’re getting adjusted today, again.

We’re making sure to do adjustments with her sock off, so that it’s really easy to visualize her trouble spot.

After quite a bit of backing and forthing, we decided that the brace needed to be remade. The main reason is because the shell isn’t able to latch onto the exterior brace very snuggly.

Furthermore, Cammie asked to keep her old brace, so that she could send it modified, she they could see exactly where were were, and what we wanted. Since I had the old brace on me for comparison, we walked out wearing that. So, here we are. In the old brace. Again.

Here’s what really bothers me… and as the night wears on, it’s making me more and more worried. I put her old brace on her leg, so we could see how the old brace was covering the trouble spot. The bad news is that the old brace is hitting her trouble spot the exact same way that the new brace is hitting it. Why is this a problem? If the old brace is touching her in exactly the same way, but it was never a problem before, that means (to my mind) that something in her leg must’ve changed.

Maybe she broke her leg. ????

I’m calling first thing in the morning. We have to see Dr. Hoffinger and find out what’s going on inside her, like, STAT.

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