I can’t believe I’m writing another post about this brace!

Amy hasn’t really had any complaints about her brace. She has an odd complaint of pain, but nothing major. She’s been in her brace since Friday morning, and everything has been okay!

Amy was playing in the water today, and soaked herself to the skin. I peeled her clothes off, but she objected to having her brace removed. She didn’t want to be unable to walk. But I’m the mommy, so off it came. That’s when I saw the angry red spot. ? Somehow the brace was putting pressure on the apex of her bow. I could also feel a hard lump on the bone. What the heck is THAT?

I put her leg back in the brace to see where the edge hit. Guess what?

It’s just RIGHT THERE. ?

I sent an email off to Dr. Hoffinger, and called Cammie. I hate this SO MUCH!!!

I think we’re gonna have to remake this brace. Again. ? It shouldn’t be this hard!

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