So here we are, day after her appointment, and here I sit, a little grumpy.

First, my child is in pain, because her cast hurts.  I think the angle her knee is bent at is too extreme.  It’s forcing her to walk on her toes, and it hurts her.  Just watch:

I called the hospital, and spoke with the doctor on call.  She thinks it’s possible that he purposely bent her leg at that angle to keep her from weight-baring, so that any potential fracture that might be developing will heal before we get into her brace.  I wanted to shake her over the hone.  HER FRACTURES WONT HEAL!  THAT’S WHY WE’RE HERE IN THE 1ST PLACE!  “Well, I still don’t feel right possibly undoing what another doctor is trying to do.  Just try to keep her off the leg until Monday.”  UGH. Do you know how hard it is to have a toddler who wants to walk, and wails when she can’t?  Do other parents just allow doctors to do whatever they want to their kids without knowing exactly what is being done and WHY?  I’m absolutely certain that her leg is bent like this, because this is how the caster usually does it, and that this angle is just too extreme for MY kid.  If it was something else, I can’t imagine that he wouldn’t TELL me.  But she won’t listen.  And I’m frustrated.  And pissed.  And I feel like my concerns are being blown off.  She told me to call back Monday first thing, and she would be worked into the schedule.  FINE.

[Little break to chill the hell out.]

Now that I’ve had a little time to chill… She may have a point.  I absolutely believe that the angle is too drastic.  However, it was constructed really well, with extra padding in typical areas that pinch.  I’m really happy with the care and attention she got – far more than last time at the old ortho.  Maybe what she needs isn’t another cast, but more time to adjust.  Ya know, if the doctor had said THAT, then I wouldn’t have been upset.  So, while I still don’t agree with what she said, I can agree with her decision to wait until Monday.

Okay, off the cast bit:

Having had the night to marinate on my thoughts, I’m not certain I’m okay with the doctor we were assigned.  I agree with the current course of treatment, but when we have to have surgery, I’m not certain that I want to place her in his hands.  I really want to see this other doctor (Dr. Boakes) at Shriner’s.  She works there part time, and part time at UC Davis.  She’s been a practicing orthopedic surgeon since 1992 (24 years to his 5) and carries a special interest in limb deformities, muscle adaptation to limb lengthening, etc.  (In his words, well, we all carry that interest, but she’s the one to make sure it was included in her blurb both at Shriners AND at UC Davis.  On paper, I really feel like she’s the right doctor for us, and I really, really want to meet her.

Regardless, there’s noting I can do today, except do our monthly budget – which I’m a little late in getting out. So I think I’ll focus on that, and getting a grocery list together.  No matter what is going on with her leg, the world still turns, bills need to be paid, and the kids need food purchased, clothes washed and folded, and attention.  One day at a time… we’ll get through this.

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