Today was out first tandem appointment for getting the Littles’ eyes checked out. I was slightly nervous about Amy’s little brother because he had never has his eyes checked before. I’ll admit that there was that little voice that was hissing, “What if???” in my ear.

It was raining when we arrived so we hurried right in. Thank goodness for iPads to help the time pass more quickly!

Amy went first, doing her regular eye exam in the special Harry Potter glasses. I always think it’s cool that it’s done digitally these days. Even though she knows all her letters, they stuck to shapes, just in case.

Then it was Amy’s little brother’s turn. He just turned 3, so he wasn’t being super articulate. So we couldn’t do the shapes on the screen. He was shown a series of cards with wavy lines, but on one side, the lines were a little bit off.  So her job was to track his eye movements to see if he could spot the difference – very cool!


Next they were picking holograms out from a card.

Next they had to have there eyes checked for lisch nodules, pleased to say neither had any.  🙂

Lastly, was actually looking for tumors on the optic nerve. Her doc made her a deal that if she held super still and cooperated, she could skip the dilating drops. Amy was a champ. Amy’s brother didn’t have a choice, he got dilated. Both were pronounced tumor free, and were told to come back next year.

Amy’s brother got nifty glasses, and we headed out to brave the storm and drive home. Easy stress-free appointment, I’m digging it.


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