Today we met our new doctor, Dr. Beres. Amy will be seeing her from now on to ensure that if she develops any tumors in her optic nerves, we can treat them quickly.

Unfortunately, there’s no train nearby, so we had to drive. Amy was less than enthused- probably since we got to spend lots of time parked on the Altamont. Laaaaaame.

But at least she was quiet! ?

Despite 3 hours in the car, (SO. MUCH. TRAFFIC!) she woke up in good spirits, and we arrived 30 minutes early.

Amy was digging her special elevator chair, and happily coloring while we waited.

The assistant first checked her distance vision by having her name digital shapes on a computer monitor behind me, one eye at a time.

20/20, both eyes!

Then checked her close up vision on a card with the same shapes.

20/20, both eyes!

Then she got to put on cool shades, and identify which animals were jumping off the page to check her depth perception.

Lastly, she ensured that her pupils were dilating and constricting appropriately.

Her vision is perfect. ❤️

Then we got to hang out and wait for the doctor. Bonus: I got to see how big I could blow up a glove. ?

Then the doctor came in. She was super nice, and she has Amy giggling all over the place.

She put a patch over one eye, and then put cute rings on to capture Amy’s attention. Waving them slowly around, she could track when her eyes would switch from one object to the other, testing their range.

Then came the main event. Having her focus on the movie behind her (Snoopy) she checked both her eyes for lich nodules.

(They look like this and are present in 94% of the NF population over age 6.)

Both eyes are clear!

Amy then was supposed to have her eyes dilated to examine the optic nerve- but she was being so compliant, she decided to try to just see without them.

She was SO still. I was very impressed, and then we got the good news: Tumor free. Her eyes are PERFECT!

I am so very impressed with every single doctor I’ve met at Stanford. They’re just the absolute cream of the crop. ❤️ Due to her age, she wants to do a re-check in 6 months (March 27, 2019). And for now, time for lunch!

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