I caved.  I wrote Dr. Frick early, told him about the bone grafts, and my confusion. He returned my email in less than 4 hours.  Impressive!!!

Here is his reply:

I did speak w Dr Karol- she recommended bone grafting the site that has not healed. She does not typically use bmp.

I also spoke to one of her partners who also has a lot of experience. He was worried about appearance of tibia and recommended removal of McFarland graft, osteotomy IM nail and bone graft w bmp. 

I also reached out to Dr Davidson at CHOP but he did not get back to me yet. Dr Hoff has talked w him before first surgery.

Bottom line I think she needs surgery. Which surgery we can discuss.

I am inclined to bone graft the site that has not healed and try to get the McFarland to work.

I am out for two weeks but can try to set it up for when I return if you would like, or I can help you get other opinions.

Let me know what you think. Stay in clamshell full time for now.


I don’t think I can fully explain what feelings are rattling around in my head. Anger (Why wasn’t this done before?!) Worry (Is there a reason this wasn’t done?) Fear (I don’t want to do surgery again!) Relief (Now we can do this right, and she’ll get better!) Concern (Wait, why does this other guy want to rod her?) Anger again (We are NOT rodding her after all this work we’ve done!) good old Confusion (why, why, why is this happening?) Hopeful (Maybe this will work and she’ll finally get better?)

I’m super bummed that Dr. Frick is out of the office for the next 2 weeks, but what are you gonna do? He says he’s going to solicit other opinions on her particular case, so I appreciate that. I moved up her appointment (at his request), so we will see him Friday the 22nd of November – that’s the week he gets back.  I think we’ll be having a good conversation that day. Decisions will be made, and we can start making plans.

I’m glad we’re doing this.

I want to do this.

I just wish we didn’t HAVE to do this, you know? Conflicted, yeah.  That’s how I feel.  Conflicted and hopeful.

Bonus: It’s Halloween! Here’s a picture of my little warrior princess trick or treating:

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