Here we are. Exactly 2 weeks from my last post. Exactly 1 day after hugging my baby while she cried, because I don’t have the power to make it stop hurting.

For the last two weeks, she has spent more and more time in her chair. Every day for the last two weeks she has been chair-bound at school. At home, she whips off her brace lightening quick. As she can’t walk without it, she sits, hops, crawls, or begs to be carried to get around. Her meds are fairly consistent. I’ve lost track of how many bottles we have done through. (12 doses to a bottle, they don’t last long.)

I called Stanford yesterday, to try to get in earlier, they apologized, and asked if I was willing to see another provider. “A simple fractured tibia, any one of our specialists could see her.” Yeah… no. Unfortunately, there is nothing “simple” about my baby’s leg. *sigh* We spent some time on the phone, and ran through our options, like keeping next Friday’s appointment, but seeing another provider in the interim, but I feel like that would be a waste of everyone’s time. Because they won’t prescribe her narcotics (not that I want her to have them) but nothing is going to fix her pain other than possibly a new brace, or fixing the problem. Fixing the problem can only happen with surgery. Surgery can only come after a long talk with Dr. Frick, and decisions are made about how to proceed.

Dr. Frick is out of the country, so I hung up, discouraged. I sent him an email, asking what to do, and got an auto-response prompting me to contact his assistant if I needed anything urgently. I forwarded my email. His assistant wrote me back, and Dr. Frick called in, insisting that she is seen.

We now have an appointment on Monday. Not a day too soon. We can’t keep going on like this.

I’m very pleased that he moved mountains to get her seen though. It says a lot about his character. I wish Monday wasn’t so far away…

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