Amy had her cast removed today. It was extra traumatic because not only did they cut the cast off (which is always horrible) but he didn’t take a break halfway though.  I’ve never seen anyone not take a break think the saw got hot and may have burned her a little.  It started to smoke a bit but he was so close to being done… Ugh, I’m so stupid, I should have said something! Then he took scissors and cut down the length of both sides of her leg to preserve the padding of the brace.  It was necessary, but she was so scared.  ?She made it through- barely.  Every time I see this guy, I like him less and less.

Once it was off, he took a new mold of her leg for her new brace. since he had managed to screw up every brace he has ever made for her, I felt I needed to be painfully specific.  Clamshell on the outside, everything riveted on.  High enough to cover the graft. NO CORRECTION ON HER BOW. I watched him write it all down – but one thing is for sure, I never want to see this man again.  Ever.  To be honest, I wouldn’t even be seeing him today, if the orthotist I wanted to see wasn’t on her honeymoon.  Hopefully she will be a good fit.

Anyways, then this piece of work put her cast back on and wrapped the whole thing in an ace bandage, and secured it with a piece of electrical tape.


I didn’t even care anymore, I just wanted to get out of there.  I headed to CVS and bought two rolls of Coban and wrapped up her cast.  There.  Cute, functional, and secure – but not secure enough to walk on.  Tomorrow can’t come soon enough!

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