8 weeks post-op
(McFarland Bypass done 2/21/2018)

Cast came off with minimal issues, as he just cut it off with scissors. However Amy was very distressed about him (and others) touching her special leg. It is SUPER sensitive. ?

Here is some evidence of healing, but the bone hasn’t really incorporated together yet. While that’s an absence of bad, we were hoping to see some good today. But, that’s okay. So she just need a little more time to heal. 

Since the bones aren’t really becoming one, (YET!) her doc wants her in a short-leg cast (#11!) a bit longer. He’s the boss. I’m supposed to take delivery of her brace in a few weeks, and bring it to her appointment on 5/7/18. Hopefully we can move into a brace then. 

But YAY for short leg! She has her knee again, so we are making progress! Dr. H is super particular about how he wanted her cast done, so he insisted on molding it himself. 

Once he molded her, he made a “rabbit trail” of where he wanted the top trimmed to properly support her. He also warned me that the cast would irritate her knee- but that it was necessary. Otherwise, we need to go long-leg. Hear that kiddo? Suck it up, Cupcake. ?

Then he got out the saw to trim. Lord, save us from the saw. ?

All done! Amy and Lucky have matching legs again. 2 weeks and 6 days until post-op #4 on 5/7/2018.

Yuck! Two months without bathing will do this to you.  Per doctor’s orders, I cleaned her up with alcohol, then put lotion on to help put some moisture back in her skin. There now!  That is much better!

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