Today was the day. I had been nervously anticipating today for… well… honestly for the last 6 months! This was really going to show us if she was moving solidly towards true healing… or not.

We arrived, we hopped up on the table to take x-rays, I was chatty with the x-ray techs, and then she got the x-ray. For the 15 seconds or so I had to wait for the picture to generate, I prayed. (Again.) I prayed hard. I couldn’t help an audible, “Please, please, please…” The picture started to appear, and I couldn’t help but shut my eyes. I couldn’t bear to look. What if there was no change???

So stupid.

I took a breath, and opened my eyes.

My jaw dropped.

Tears filled my eyes.

They spilled down my face, and all I could utter was, “Oh my God. Oh my God!”

I’m not going to lie to you, people. I cried. I ugly cried.

2nd McFarland Bypass
(Surgery date 12/10/2019)
Post-Op #5 – 1 Year Post Op
AP View

There is SO. Much Bone!!! I couldn’t believe it. Absolutely, couldn’t believe it!

2nd McFarland Bypass
(Surgery date 12/10/2019)
Post-Op #5 – 1 Year Post Op
Lateral View

I think I floated back to the exam room.

A couple minutes later, Dr Frick entered the room. I didn’t hug him, but only because of Covid. So I settled for crying a little more. He asked if she has sustained any trauma.

Of course, I say no. I think he’s kidding around because her leg looks so amazing. then he starts talking about her fracture.

*record scratch*

Wait, what?!?


He assures me the fracture is no big deal, and is already showing great strides in healing, which is great. He also says that she’s obviously taking the dead donor bone, breaking it down, and turning it into live bone. So that’s really cool? I think?

He did have a concern though. Here:

See how her ankle is cocked here? Leaving this as is down the road could lead to knee, hip, and back pain as an adult. No bueno. Not a life we want for our not-so-baby girl.

Good news: The way her leg is healing, her ankle may straighten WITHOUT INTERVENTION. How amazing would that be???

However, it’s somewhat unlikely. If her special little leg doesn’t self-correct, then we’re looking at surgery again. But a very small one this time. It’s called a “Guided Growth Surgery”. A very small figure-8 shaped plate would be inserted into her ankle, guiding the growth of her leg into the correct position. Once the ankle is corrected, the screw is removed. Ta-da! Magic. (You can read more about it here:

However, first he wants to give her the opportunity to heal naturally. Additionally, he feels that her bones are not large enough to have a good chance at this “Guided Growth Surgery.” He feels waiting until she is 8-10 years old will not only give her the opportunity to self-correct, but give her a far better chance at success. Win-win!

Best news: There is a small chance that this time next year (December 2021) Amy’s leg may completely solidify into one solid bone. If not, there is a very good chance it might solidify by December of 2022!!! If (WHEN???) that happens, we can start transitioning out of a brace! Can anything possibly be better???

According to Amy, yes. She got permission to jump in a bouncy castle. Kiddo looked at me like she won the lottery. Guess I know what we’re doing for her birthday!

Anyway, I don’t know how I can possibly express how happy I am to hear all this. My baby is getting better!!!

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