Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit’s x-ray day!!!

I’ve really, really, really been looking forward to today for quite some time. I was a little nervous that she had hurt herself, but mostly hoping for more evidence of positive progress. Guess what? That’s just what we got!!!

2nd McFarland Bypass
(Surgery date 12/10/2019)
Post-Op #6 – 18 Month Post-Op
Lateral View

This x-ray looks pretty much identical to 6 months ago, except for the bone callus from the broken area of the allograft is more pronounced and visible. That means she’s slowly healing her break, GO AMY!!!

Now, the quality of this next pic isn’t so good, but check this out!

2nd McFarland Bypass
(Surgery date 12/10/2019)
Post-Op #6 – 18 Month Post-Op
AP View

A lot to break down in this  bad pic, but the most important things are:

  • The grafting material between the allograft (donated fibula) and her native tibia is continuing to fill in and turn to good healthy bone!
  • Her ankle has self corrected from the 24* angle it was now to 11*!

When we showed up today, her doctor was planning to discuss a third surgery with us, a Guided Growth surgery. But after seeing her progress, he’s like, oh. Nevermind!

We also did her very first whole leg x-ray:

  • Her hips are DEAD EVEN!
  • The femur has overgrown a little to correct her minor Limb Length Discrepancy. (LLD)

But if you think that is exciting, you haven’t seen the BEST part yet:

Look how much straighter that is! She is well on her way towards healing this thing!

In 6-18 months, she might be going brace free! I am SO excited!!! It’s working!!!

Next appointment: December 20th. Until then, we keep doing what she’s doing. GO AMY GO!!!

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