Surgical Questions for a Tibial Rodding Procedure

  1. How bad is the fracture?
  2. What do we do now?
  3. Are we casting?  Long, PTB or short?  Why?
  4. Can s/he weight-bear?
    • If not, how do we stop him/her?
    • What activity limitations should s/he have?
  5. How do we manage pain today?
  6. Surgery?
    • What kind?
    • When?
  7. What if s/he has a cough/runny nose?
    • What if I do?  Can I stay at the hospital with him/her?
  8. What kind of rod are you planning to use?
    • Telescoping?  What kind?
      • Is the rod a large enough diameter to hold her leg bones in place?
      • Odds it will bow/break??
      • Will the ends of the rod be fixed (so it doesn’t shift?)
      • How often will s/he need revisions?
    • Non-telescoping?  What kind?
      • Will the rod go through her ankle or knee?
      • How often will s/he need revisions?
  9. Where is the rod inserted?
  10. What kind of scarring?  Where?
  11. What can we do for pain management post surgery?
    • Immediate post-surgery? (hospital)
    • At Home?
  12. Are you cutting out the bowed portion?
    • If yes, how big a portion will be removed?
      • Do you anticipate any Limb Length Discrepancy?
        • How will you compensate?
  13. Are you using BMPs or bone chips?
  14. What are your thoughts on:
    • Fixators
      • External? or Internal?
    • Zometa?
    • Collagen sponges?
    • Bone grafts?  Bone Graft wrap?
      • From my child or a donor?
        • If my child, from where?  Leg/hip?
  15. What is the expected success rate?
  16. If all goes according to plan, how many additional surgeries will she need?
    • What are indications for the next surgery?
  17. How long will s/he be non-weight bearing?
    • Walker?  Wheelchair?
    • Activity restrictions?
  18. How often will s/he have follow-up x-rays?
  19. At this point, what are the chances of no activity restrictions and being pain free once s/he is healed from surgery?

*If you wish to make changes, click on the above link/picture, and download in the format you desire. From there, you can make any changes or additions for your child’s specific case. Drop me a line if you have added any questions.  Your additions might prove helpful to other families!


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