Today, I want to be positive and celebrate the little things. 2 months ago, she was stuck in a wheelchair. Today?

Today nothing is slowing her down!

Today, she’s been running, jumping climbing, chasing her friend all over the place, and having a blast. Today, I’ll bet some serious cheese she’s not even thinking of her leg.

I was thinking about how far she had come, and wondered at how long it has been when I was tortured by “what if’s” and “should have’s”. I wondered how long it had been, how long since she was in and split the night with screams of pain? It seems like an eternity. How has it only been two months???

It seems almost like a distant memory. Today, all she cares about now is playing with her friend.

Today, that’s enough for me to smile, and give me a much-needed reminder. Everything is going to be okay. ❤️

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Categories: Life with CPT

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