First off, GOOD news to share! Any is inexplicably herself again! She hasn’t used her wheelchair in nearly a week, and it going back to the garage! In the mornings, she gets up, gets braced, and goes on with her life. I’m hoping that tomorrow we can move her bed back into her bedroom as well. *happy dance*

Anyways, to the point. Amy’s new shoes came in. They are Converse, red, and adorable!

The only problem is because Amy is up on her toes on one foot, her hips are thrown off. The answer? Putting her up on her toes on the other foot. How? A small lift on the inside of her shoe.

It’s not the softest thing though, so it needs to go under the insole. So, we’re ripping this puppy out!

Wouldn’t you know it, the darn thing started ripping out in not a good way. ? So, new plan! I marked out where the lift would end.

Which is right here:

Then I grabbed a sharp knife and cut it on the line. Sadly, it did not come out easily, so this was the best I could do.

Next, permanently attaching the lift: Gorilla Glue is our friend.

Then it slid in, no problem.

Then we just needed the original insole on top, and glued down as well.

I do regret that I couldn’t have gotten the insole out in one piece, and put the whole thing on top. But I’m working with what I have here.

The last step is that the glue needs 24 hours to cure, and the glued area need to be clamped down. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have any clamps I can put inside a shoe. But I DO have an old brace can use!

With her old brace stuffed into her shoe, I pushed down as hard as I could, and I grabbed one of my shoelaces (because it’s longer) and tied it as tightly as I could.

Now we wait. Hopefully in 24 hours, she’ll be more comfortable in her shoes, and we can help prevent pain in her hips or nastiness happening in her spine which could cause long-term difficulties.

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