So, today was the day.

Dr. Hoffinger said that Amy would start to feel better when one of two things happened:

A) Her graft heals to the point that the bone hardens at the bottom, ending/lessening her pain.

B) Her graft breaks, releasing the pressure on her leg and ending/lessening her pain.

She’s been out of a wheelchair for almost a month now, with little to no pain- just like he said she would.  Every day I was thankful she had no pain.  Every day I was afraid that her graft had broken, and her surgery had failed.

Today, was x-ray day.  Today, we found the answer.

Guess what?

Looks pretty not broken to me!!!  🙂  I’m excited to hear what Dr.  Hoffinger has to say.  But even in the meantime, here’s a couple more exciting comparisons.  🙂

December 18, 2018 – January 21, 2019:

This first image shows a comparison from last month to this month. If you look closely where the new growth is between the bones, you can see a very clear dark line in December where there is no bone.  But today?  That line is GONE! Totally filled in!  I’m not a doctor, but I strongly suspect that we have union!

Before Bone Stimulation – After 5 Months of Bone Stimulation:

Well, if there was any doubt in my mind about whether bone stimulation works, it is completely gone now.  After 6 months of attempting to unite those bones on her own, and not much healing happening, look what five months of bone stimulation has done?  Simply amazing!

I absolutely cannot recommend this any more strongly.  20 minutes of treatment a day, with no pain, and no side effects.  Simply astounding. Seriously, talk to your doctor about it TODAY.

Tomorrow, I hope I’ll be able to hear from Dr. Hoffinger. He knows best, and I hope he will confirm that we in fact do have union!!!

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