Okay, here we go!  Next orthotist up on the block, please, please, please be a good one!

This is the first time we’re meeting Mallory.  I’m amazed at how she put Amy at ease right away, not many are able to do that.  First we played 20 questions.  She asked all kinds of questions about why we weren’t happy with her current brace, how things were going with Amy, asked to see her x-rays… it was awesome.  She really cared, and wanted to get it right.  She also took pictures of her brace, and asked what we liked and didn’t like about it.  Then, we got down to business.

First she laid the rubber guard on, and slipped a cast sock up, her leg.  With a sharpie, she marked exactly where her ankle bone was.

Next she marked the rest of her “pokey” bones, and drew a happy sun to make Amy smile.  Amy loved that.

Then she wrapped the sock (and leg) in the plaster material, just like a regular cast, but much, much thinner. She rubbed it until it set, just like a cast.

Then she took scissors and cut up along the rubber guard. Amy is not a super fan of the scissors, but she held super still for her.  The mold slipped off, and tada!  The molding is done.

Now for the fun part!  Amy gets to pick out the transfer pattern for the brace, the color of the padding, and the color of the velcro.  Wow!  That’s a lot of choices!

We should have her new brace in 3 weeks, until then, she’ll be wearing her old brace, poor thing.  But, it’s better than another cast!

I feel very positive about this visit, and about Mallory.  I told her so, and said I hoped we could work with her for many years.  Then, she told me she’s moving to Minnesota. Why????  Sad face.  🙁  Well, maybe she’ll change her mind?

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