So here we are at last!  And like any “regular” appointment, we need to start with x-rays.

She’s getting so good at taking them, she never fights anymore, and holds so still.


“Amy!  Let me count those toes so I know they’re all there.”
“Grandma!  Don’t touch my toes!” *giggle giggle giggle*

In all seriousness though, the sight of her legs right next to each other?  That’s a little heartbreaking.  She has lost so much muscle mass, and the curve is even more visible, though the x-rays assure us that the curve is maintaining – neither getting better nor worse. THAT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!  So, the brace is working, we just need to tweak it for her comfort.

Two questions on my mind.  First, can we work with another, more local, orthotist?

  • Sure!  Whoever you want to work with, that’s who we’ll work with.  The only thing I care about is that Amy gets her needs met by someone competent.

What are your thought on trying a McFarland Bypass on Amy?

  • Hmmm.  That’s not something that I’m familiar with.

Well, yay on the first, and a bummer on the second.  I tried pulling up the article that I had read, but I was actually unable to find it from his computer.  Well, I feel stupid now. He said that he would look into it, and we’d talk more in June at our next appointment. He also made arrangements to shoot us over to Hanger Clinic in Stockton, and gave me a prescription for a new brace.  Perfect!

After our appointment, we headed over to a local restaurant, and had some truly terrible, expensive food.  (Won’t make that mistake again!) The waitstaff was awesome though, and Amy showed them all her stickers and sang bits of Moana songs for them.  She is so adorable!!!

Best part?  I called Hangar, and they have an appointment available TODAY!  We’d better get on the road, it’s a long drive home.

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