Look what we have, Brace #2!

We talked about calcium, vitamin D, physical therapy, socks, brace care, long-term plans, milestones, frequency of brace changes/x-rays/visits… It feels SO good to have a plan!

Lauren and I decided to keep her old brace, as well as those that will come after. It’s a part of her story, and I we think it’s a good thing. 

This brace is pretty too, but I was surprised that it’s in 2 pieces, and so thin! Instead of clamping together like the old one, this one we just tighten on, and keep it tight. That makes a lot of sense! 

 And look at her now!  Already on her feet!

And just look at her brace!  It’s gorgeous!

See you in March for a brace checkup and a new set of x-rays!

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