6 months 4 weeks post op 
(McFarland Bypass done 2/21/18)

The incorporation at the top of the graft looks as amazing as the bottom looks awful. ?

So, the news is not fantastic. It’s just not healing well at the distal end. ? On the positive side we’ve only been doing bone stimulation for 12 days- so too early to see any change. 

Another surgery was briefly brought up to try and do a bone graft… but he doesn’t really think that’s a good idea. (ME EITHER!) We need to focus on the fact that it’s not broken right now. We still have a lot of options, so right now we’re going to take some more time to heal. 

We also discussed when to move to a new brace (not yet!) and when to start using a hinge (getting there, but not while the graft is this fragile). 

The bone healing system tends to show results in 6-12 weeks. So we’ll be coming back in a month to check on things. (10/23)

In the meantime, bone stimulation!

One last sad note.  This is the size difference in her feet, though thankfully, her legs are of equal length,

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