Well, today was the day. We’ve been using the Exogen bone stimulation for 6 weeks now. Results are typical in 6 to 12 weeks. So, what do we think???

X-rays. The image on the left is from 4 weeks ago (post-op #6) and the one on the right is from today.

The two are practically identical- so not much (any?) improvement there. That’s disappointing. But, we’re only at week 6, so we still have time.

The good news is that Dr. Hoffinger was expecting to see more deterioration/failure of the graft today, but we don’t! So, absence of bad… does that mean it’s working??? Maybe. Uncharted waters here…

He also *thinks* he may see some fluffy bone growth at the bottom of the keyhole, but acknowledges that it may only be wishful thinking. So, we’ll wait to see what develops.

We discussed surgery again. It seems like he’s leaning more towards going in and fixing the problem, rather than a wait-and-see approach. If we did it, it would be a small incision, and he would pack the area with BMP to promote healing and union. A simple outpatient procedure… it’s definitely worth thinking about.

He’s going to discuss her case with a colleague who has done a few of these before. I wonder if s/he might have a suggestion on how to surgically promote side-by-side union? Hmmmmmm…

Fun Fact:

I asked him to extend our wheelchair rental again. While she has barely touched it, it’s nice to have it for long days when she plans to be on her feet a lot. Guess what? We have officially rented the chair for as much as it’s worth. We get to keep it! ❤️ It’s still kinda big for her, so she’ll have use of it for a good long time.

Next steps:

We’ve decided to have x-rays done locally again and are just sending films in 6 weeks. Depending on the results, then we’ll decide when our next appointment will be.

Almost time for a new brace! While the length of the brace is good, she’s outgrowing the foot-plate. He thinks in 6 weeks when we get the new films, then we’ll do a molding for a new brace as well. I’m going to make an appointment now so we’re set.

I have a feeling that these new films were be telling- and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous as a cat. But I have to keep telling myself that an absence of bad is always good, and worrying just gives you wrinkles.

Come on Exogen! I’m pinning my hopes on you!!! ??

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