Okay, so we have a plan.

Stanford called. (Okay, I got impatient and called.)

So, the plan: Surgery is on Tuesday, December 10th. The plan is to spend 1-2 nights in the hospital, so hopefully we will be discharged on Thursday. We had some room to play with pre-op, so I got him to set it on the day before (December 9th) so that Dr. Frick would be back from the symposium, and we could actually make a decision as a team… without him being in scrubs. (Eeek!) Post-op #1 is set for Dec 20th.

Amy’s Dad will take PTO (Paid Time Off) from work that entire week. Me, I was just about to go back to work, but haven’t yet. I’ll go back when I feel she’s able to go back to school. (Probably January.)

As for Amy’s brothers and sisters, they are pretty much on their own. Two of them are now legal adults. So those two have offered to watch the younger two. So we will be meal planning the week with them, so they will have all the supplies they need. Neither drive though, so Amy’s grandfather will be handing getting everyone to and from school, save the littlest. Amy’s Biggest Brother chose to take care of picking Amy’s Little Brother up from preschool. He and his little red wagon. (We live super close!) Also, Amy’s grandma will be popping in a few times to say hi, possibly make a meal, and keep them company.

I feel so fortunate that Amy’s Dad and I have the support to be able to hand the reigns over and disappear for a week, and know that everything will be okay.

Now, onto preparing Amy. Sadly, my favorite website to prepare kiddos for surgery has been taken down. ? So, I’m working on what else I can do. I’ll have to make a list of my own at some point. For now though, we have Franklin.


As for what else we can do… Other than reading books, I’m not sure. I need to find her doctor kit. Amy isn’t happy about surgery. Specifically, she’s not happy about getting another cast because “you can’t take it off without the saw!” Have I mentioned that she’s not a fan of the saw? She’s NOT. *sigh*

I’ll be contacting Child Life on Monday to arrange a visit, meet the ladies there and have a tour of the place. (Also, play with all the toys, lol!) I’m hoping I can get this set up for Monday the 9th, same as our pre-op day.

As for lodgings, we have a hotel room reserved that’s about 20 minutes away from the hospital. (An hour if the traffic is bad.) Also, I’ve put in a request to stay at Ronald McDonald House the night before her procedure. We’ll see how that goes, but I’m glad we have a backup. As for after her procedure, Amy’s Dad and I will be staying at the hospital. It is amazing that Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital has a FULL SIZE bed for parents to share so we can BOTH stay and care for Amy. Not only are we helping staff caring for her, but they are saving us money by not needing a hotel room while she’s admitted. (Win/win!)

Breathe, one day at a time…

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