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It’s time for a second opinion – we HAVE to find a new doc. I don’t think the doc at Shriners will be able to heal Amy’s special leg. Hopefully this new doc can?

Wouldn’t you figure?  Insurance authorization is all messed up, so we spent a few HOURS in the waiting room trying to straighten it all out.  Finally, during hour 3, it all got fixed.  Thank goodness!  Then we finally got to meet Dr. Hoffinger.

We got new x-rays today, but unfortunately, they don’t show any healing. But, Dr. Hoffinger has a new direction, and we truly feel he is the one. He is AMAZING. He is incredibly personable, and he has a clear plan for us now in place.

He sees an “area of weakness” where a fracture is forming, but but doesn’t see an actual fracture. The question is, how to best treat the injury? He had the best answer. “Amy will show us.”

So, Amy is back in her brace today. If she’s up and walking in the next few days, awesome. We’ll see him next week to talk next steps. If not, we’ll see him on Wednesday to get into a short leg cast for a couple weeks, then into a KAFO. Amy is growing like a weed, and her brace isn’t sufficient anymore. Now that she’s sustained an injury, he feels it’s time we sacrifice a little mobility to preserve function. A man with a PLAN. I am so relieved we finally got to see him!

 What to see Dr. Hoffinger?  Click here!

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