Numb. Just Numb.

It was a Tuesday like any other, except Amy was hurting. Again. We had an appointment to see Dr. Lerman this afternoon, but I gave her the opportunity to play hooky while I went to MOPS. That way I would be close if she needed me, and she could still have fun.

We had a fun craft day, and she made new friends. Then off to the doctor we went. We talked about how she was acting, and examined her leg, wincing when he touched in a couple places – unsurprisingly the same place the redness was.  He sent us off for an x-ray. I thanked him, and told him I knew that I was just being paranoid. As we walked to x-ray, I thought to myself for the hundredth time:

1st time: Things happen

2nd time: Coincidence

3rd time: Pattern, not a coincidence.

Why on earth does she have such pain in the fall? It’s nice out, it can’t be the weather… can it?

We went into x-ray and were set up to take pictures, when the tech verified which leg it was. “Left or right?” he asked

“Left lower leg.  Guessing AP and Lat tib/fib films?” I answered.

“Well, here. Let me just let you read this.” I looked at the order. Right leg.  Damn.

I waited while he called to verify that the order was incorrect, but he got no answer. “You’re sure he wants this leg, and he didn’t mention a comparison or anything?


“Okay then, I’ll just change this later.”

He took the pictures, and I walked around to see them, my stomach twisting up into a familiar knot. No fracture, no fracture, please, God, no fracture. He had the lateral up, but I never really see anything there.  The AP shot is the “business end” for Amy, so I had him quick flip to that.

It looks the same! Sweet relief. I knew I was overreacting. I shot a text to Amy’s Dad letting him know that all was well, and we headed back to see the doctor. X-ray had given Amy a new toy, so I helped her open it while we waited.

Dr. Lerman returned, and took a deep breath. “I don’t see a fracture.”

“Oh I know. I’m so embarrassed, I always overreact. So what do you think-”

He help up a hand, halting my rambling. “No,” he said, “I said I see a fracture.”


I think, for a brief moment, the earth stopped spinning on its axis.  NO!

“Are you sure? Where? Can I see?”

He lead me into the doctor area where everyone was hard at work, and where x-rays were displayed. He had the lat view displayed, the one I had hardly glanced at, as well as an older x-ray for comparison.

There is was. undeniably there, where there was nothing before.

A thousand things poured through my head all at once. Numb. Course of treatment, cast, 4 weeks.  Hope for the best.  Try to transition back to a brace.  If we’re lucky, just leave it broken.


Stunned, we headed into the casting room where Amy picked out a pink and purple cast, (#12) complete with “Magic Sprinkles”


I collected my copy of the CD, made another appointment for 4 weeks from now, and left.

One thing sang through my brain over and over. HOW DO I GET TO FLORIDA SO WE CAN SEE PALEY???

It’s go-time.  We can’t mess this up!

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